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Breaking down borders

Strahlkraft / Internationalität

I'm not sure if this is the right category for my suggestion because what I want to suggest could take different forms.

I live near the Tempelhofer Feld and use it relatively regularly. I find it a wonderful free and pro-human, diverse and positive space. It is a living example of the potential for human beings to co-exist in a joyful, mutually tolerant atmosphere. as a migrant myself, I also am supportive of Berlin's welcoming of refugees. So it disturbs me to see the refugees' new living quarters placed behind a fence through which people can observe them. I find this fence quite disturbing so I would like to see ways in which a project could be set up to allow the local community to work with the refugees to change this fence, perhaps through gardening, perhaps through art, perhaps to get rid of it altogether. In addition, I would like there to be somewhere in the airport building where more interaction and exchange could take place between the refugees and local, sympathetic and interested people. It would be good if this exchange had a focus, some kind of project or activity. I understand the need for the dog-runs to be behind fences, but not people.


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Referenznr.: 2018-00692