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Wissen / Innovation

Projekt Vision 

In dem Feld in dem ich arbeite geht es vor allem darum wissenschaftlich zu beweisen, wie die alten und anerkannten Werte und so die greifbare Welt der Phänomene (emotional und physisch) in den Hintergrund des Bewusstseins des Menschen an ihren richtigen Platz verwiesen und so die unfassbaren Realitäten und die Welt der Ideen und Ursachen das Hauptzentrum der Aufmerksamkeit einnehmen können. Nur in dem Maße wie Menschen das Immaterielle erfassen und nach dessen Erkenntnissen leben, werden die Probleme, welche zur Zeit die Welt zu zerstören drohen, verschwinden.

Ich werde meine Vision erst einmal für den Bereich Wissen und Innovation formulieren in Bezug auf den Flughafen Tempelhof und dies hier wegen der Internationalität des Projekts, wie ich es sehe, in Englisch präsentieren:   

The way to construct such a project without the danger of being co-oped by the ruling players of the enclosure economy is to reach out for systemic goals that will enable as fast as possible a whole system change towards a new holistic we paradigm. Synchronicity happens when you stop resisting your natural self, when you stop going against the natural grain. Synchronicity doesn't need planing. It's being where you need to be with whom you need to find out what you need to do when you need to know it. Magical things start to happen. You make the connections you need to make. Because of the urgency of the global situation the most valuable conversations about transformation in all fields of the spectrum of consciousness would be those that would help matching social interactions according to interests and also according to knowledge about the sources of this dysfunctional system and knowledge about real workable holistic solutions: "Genuine Presence"

We enter into a new world view which is in the academic world described by Karen Barad as "Agential Realism". Here in this building Science could be defined as Cosmic Science and in this way will be directly experienced as a holistic way of relating to reality with models that conjure up a nonmodern ontology of multicentered becoming and invite endless and open-ended extension. 

Related to this is how "Cognification" (A.I. into everything) is changing our lives in ways that are as significant as during the time of the discovery of electricity. While our technology and simulations are improving, and we discover exoplanets that are most likely to be life-like, our ability to predict the future in terms of the speed of technological progress is kind of lacking behind. Our understanding of the implications of ET disclosure and machine intelligence on the planet are poor. This is because a shift towards a cosmic understanding of reality has never happend in recorded history before, and represents a paradigm shift, or cosmic alignment with an entry into a completely new framing of time, past and future, that we will call in the following Cosmic History. 

Considering the exponential levels of technological progress expected in the next 30 years we will begin to see why we enter into a new relation to time, the self and the cosmos that is just impossible to put any longer into a non-omnicentric historical context. 

Reality is not what we observe in laboratory exercises engineered by human subjects; rather, phenomena are referential patterns of mattering ("direction patterns") produced through complex agential intra-actions of multiple dimensions. 

In summa, the primary ontological units are not "things" but phenomena, dynamic topological frequencies of brain activity based on differend levels of knowledge and the entanglements/relationalities of this knowledge. And the prima semantic units are not "words" but numbers and practices based on laws, rules and principles coded by number relationships through which (ontic and semantic) frequency wave boundaries are constituted. This dynamism is agency. Agency is not an attribute but the ongoing reconfiguration of the world. The universe is agential intra-activity in its becoming. 

A new vibrational frequency comes by means of a new store and lode of knowledge which will lead the planetary human into the process of the transcendental reformulation of the mind and self and the purification of the soul. This new kind of reality is a manifestation of a divine principle descended into a formulation of knowledge so that the principle of the Absolute and the relative then become a formulation known as Cosmic History. Cosmic History does not put the human at the center of the stage. The human is merely viewed as an actor or a factor of a process of nature. The synchronic order governs the development of events and phenomena in time and defines structures of reality knowable only by mind in time. The synchronic order is contained within Cosmic History and defines the creation of the whole.   

In order to live our full potential we have to study, explore and activate the true deeper meaning of the cosmic symbolic matrix and in this way we will discover all what distorts our consciousness. 

How to recognize emergent forms of consciousness, including structurally new knowledge and methods of analysis, implicated in globalization processes? How to co-create an understanding of experience as living historical labor, through which subjects can be situated in systems without reducing them to raw material for manipulations in the interest of power? 

The human evolves inside a cosmic program towards the direct use of the full brain-energy. Every human is a universe. If there is a sun around which all else revolves, it is performance, the way in which knowledge is applied. Knowledge is a planet, a dance of agency. 

As the primary pattern of resonance, memory has the function of the attractor of certain kinds of knowledge as the radial pattern that unifies all levels of being and consciousness. Through different levels of knowledge the timeless collective synchronization of universal memory can be accessed via specific cosmic technologies coming from our own future. 

Thorsten W.
Referenznr.: 2017-00458