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Because Grün Berlin GmbH are calling for project ideas on Tempelhoer Feld, I am in the process of writing a project proposal.

Even though the main idea I have for a Tempelhofer Feld project will take place outside on “The Field”, for the project to succeed, it will also require use of a high ceilinged workshop space somewhere inside the main airport building.

This means Grün Berlin GmbH and Tempelhof Project GmbH will need to agree to work with one another for the good of the project.

Following on and in conjunction with this, there is a link below to a short rrb tv piece about the recent Tempelhof Open Day in which I have opportunity to say how the link between the airport building and the runways needs to be kept strong despite two different companies have been assigned responsibility for these two elements of the site.

rbb Mediathek Großer Andrang im ehemaligen Flughafen Tempelhof

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